Celestial | Hybrid Wheel Wax - 50ml Glass Jar

Celestial - Hybrid Wheel Wax

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Reborn - 500ml

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E.T Ceramic Wax

Celestial - Hybrid Wheel Wax

50ml ( Glass Jar )
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Celestial is our high temperature hybrid wax. Blended with Carnauba and high temperature synthetic waxes to withstand high temperatures. Celestial will give you a bright, lustrous, hard, long lasting shine like no other wax with excellent water beading properties. It offers a long lasting protection against salt, detergents, UV light and acid rain. It is completely free from all abrasives, water emulsifiers to give the perfect result every time. Blue in colour with sweet and pleasant scent.

This is a super soft wax so a little goes a long way. 50ml Pot will protect between 5-10 sets of wheels with durability between 6-8 weeks depending on maintenance products used ( we highly recommend our Rim X Wheel and Tyre Cleaner ).

Directions for use:

  • Thoroughly wash and dry wheels. Using a soft foam applicator apply in light, tight circular motions ensure that all 4 wheels are is fully covered.
  • Allow to cure for 10-15 minutes and remove with soft microfibre cloth. For extended durability apply a second coat after 1 hour of the initial application.
Presented in a Satin Black Glass Pot
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