Elegance | Anti-Static Trim & Vinyl Protector - 500ml

Elegance - 500ml

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Pristine | Hard Surface Cleaner - 5 Litre

Pristine - 5 Litre

Elegance | Anti-Static Trim & Vinyl Protector - 5 Litre

Elegance - 5 Litre

Elegance - 500ml

Anti-Static Trim & Vinyl Protector
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Why Elegance?

Dashboards, interior and exterior trim can begin to look faded and grey, losing the deep colour it had when you 1st had your vehicle, this could be caused by harmful UV rays or harsh chemicals.

Elegance is a penetrating UV blocker, effective on Rubber, Vinyl, Plastic with the benefit of antistatic protection. Constructed to clean, recondition and maintain the original appearance of dashboards, bumpers, trim, tyres and more.
A handy trigger spray bottle makes for easy use, and regular use will provide long lasting protection to your vehicle.

Elegance cleans, preserves and protects all in one.

Key Benefits

  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Cleans, conditions and maintains plastic, rubber and vinyl
  • Anti-static formula
  • Long-lasting protection in a handy spray bottle
  • Interior & Exterior

Car Care Advice

Trim dressings can help to revitalise the appearance of dashboards, rubber mouldings, rubber seals, bumpers, engine bay parts and tires. Whether gloss or original finish a dressing should protect and prevent damage from UV rays with the benefit of being easy to apply.

Direction For Use

  • Spray directly onto the surface or onto a clean microfibre cloth
  • Work into a clean surface
  • Buff to the desired effect
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