NEO Rim KIT ( Wheel Ceramic Coating )

NEO Rim KIT ( Wheel Ceramic Coating )

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5th Anniversary KIT - Limited Edition

5th Anniversary KIT - Limited Edition

NEO Rim KIT ( Wheel Ceramic Coating )

Neo Rim + Prep PRO + Applicator Block + 4 Micro-suede Cloths
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Why Neo Rim?

Our state of the art Neo Rim Ceramic Coating is one of the easiest to apply and has been developed to be the leading chemical, scratch and heat resistant coating currently available on the market.

Neo HD Rim bonds to your car’s alloy wheels and calipers at molecular level and creates sacrificial barrier between the road conditions and your delicate paintwork and repells dirt and grime making it much easier to maintain whilst offering outstanding protection and gloss.

Key Benefits

  • Easy on Easy off application
  • Enhance colour depth with mirror like effect
  • Creates a super hydrophobic barrier that repels contaminants on contact
  • Ensures routine washing of wheels is easier and less time consuming
  • High UV and Chemical Resistance
  • Suitable for all types of wheels excluding high polished ( bare metal )
  • Air died in 1h, fully cured in 12h

Technical Specification

  • Hardness - 9h
  • Chemical resistance – ( pH ) 2-13
  • Water contact angle - 110 º
  • Thickness – 2 microns
  • Durability – Up to 18-24 months, can be layered for extended protection

Car Care Advice

  • Maintain with ph neutral cleaning products

Directions for use:

Ensure Wheels & Calipers are cool, clean, decontaminated and completely dry. Wrap Micro-suede cloth around the application block then apply liberal amount of NEO HD Rim on to the cloth.

Treating one wheel at a time, distribute even amount on the entire surface of the wheel. Allow to cure for 45-60 seconds and then buff off initial residue using Black cloth followed by Blue cloth to achieve high gloss finish.

Reapply a second coat repeating the process 2 hours after the initial application.
Important: Apply in shade away from direct sun light. Leave it to completely cure for 12 hours.

KIT consists of the following:

  • NEO HD Rim 30ml Ceramic Coating in presentation box
  • Prep PRO 50ml - Residue Remover
  • Applicator Block
  • 4 Micro-suede Cloths
More Information
Size30ml + 50ml
ManufacturerAlien Magic
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