Revival - 5 Litre

Revival - 5 Litre

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Revival | Engine Cleaner - 500ml

Revival - 500ml

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Bling - 500ml

Revival - 5 Litre

Engine Cleaner
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Why Revival?

Revival is water-based and has been formulated using the latest environmentally friendly technology to efficiently and quickly remove heavy dirt from all types of engines.

Easy to use spray on & hose off formula that is safe on paint, rubber and plastics.

It cleans effectively and removes even the oldest deposits of dirt and grime leaving a clean finish.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly removes heavy dirt from all types of engines
  • Safe on paint, rubber and plastics
  • Environmentally friendly

Car Care Advice

Engine cleaners need to have strong cleaning power to tackle some of the most thick grease and dirt, revival is more than enough of a match for the most ground in dirt, grime and grease.

Direction For Use

  • Cover all electrical sockets
  • Spray Revival directly onto the surface
  • Agitate using a detailing brush or microfibre cloth
  • Rinse thoroughly
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Size5 Litre
ManufacturerAlien Magic
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