Spring KIT

Spring KIT

Glass Care KIT

Glass Care KIT

Spring KIT

5 x 500ml Bottles
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Introducing Alien Magic Spring Edition KIT

All new products in all new packaging. We created this KIT to get the car cleaned, sealed and protected this Spring. All 5 bottles are distinguishable by our Spring labels and different colour scheme for that ultimate look.

What’s included?

  • 500ml Foam Pre Wash - ( Cherry )
  • 500ml Si02 Quick Detailer ( Mango )
  • 500ml Wheel Cleaner ( Berry Blast )
  • 500ml Interior Dressing ( Strawberry Milkshake )
  • 500ml Glass Cleaner – ( Fresh )

Foam Pre Wash is extremely tough on soil and grime yet harmless to all exterior surfaces. Creating stable foam at an unbelievable dilution rate, Non-caustic & Biodegradable formula that will leave no residue when rinsed away. It removes traffic film, dirt, road debris and salt effectively. Cherry Scented.

Directions for use: Snow Foam Lance Use – 50ml ml in 1L Foam lance for regular maintenance or 100ml for deep cleaning ( for best results leave it to dwell for up to 10min ). Spray Bottle & Foamer application ( spray on pre wash ) – 50ml in a 1L bottle topped with water ( for best results leave it to dwell for 3-5min ). Rinse thoroughly ensuring product is completely removed.

Si02 Quick Detailer is a simple to use versatile product that works beautifully on all of your vehicle surfaces including interior hard surfaces. This water-based, environmentally friendly product contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives that could damage paintwork. Restore the shine in no time with very little effort! Quickly and effortlessly remove smears, smudges, fingerprints and light dust from your paint, glass, chrome and trim. Mango Scented.

Directions for use: Shake well before use, Mist spray Quick Detailer onto a folded Professional microfiber cloth and onto the surface. Gently wipe the product onto the surface with pre-wetted folded microfibre cloth. Using a second clean folded microfibre cloth, buff off the remaining residue to create a stunning showroom finish.

Wheel cleaner is a specially formulated non acidic cleaner for removing dirt and any other road film from your cars wheels leaving a sparkling clean finish. Our wheel cleaner cleans and brightens wheels without excessive scrubbing. This heavy duty product can be safely used on most wheel types including: Alloy wheels, Steel Rims and plastic wheel trims. Berry Blast Scented.

Directions for use: Shake well before use. For best results, thoroughly thoroughly pressure rinse wheel and surrounding surfaces. Spray product directly onto wheel and leave for 60 seconds, agitate product on wheel with a spoke brush on heavy soiled wheels. Rinse off with strong stream of water.

Interior Dressing in a spray on and wipe off liquid dressing specially formulated for car interior trims. It will enhance the appearance of dashboards, facias, vinyl, wood, rubber and plastic trims leaving silky smooth factory finish behind. Strawberry Milkshake Scented.

Directions for use: The desired area should be cleaned before application. Apply using a clean cloth or sponge. Alternatively apply by spraying directly on to surface. Remove any drips or excess by wiping lightly and leave to air-dry.

Glass Cleaner advanced formula cuts through dirt and grime with ease leaving glass surfaces sparkling clean and streak free. Easy to use, just spray on and wipe off, easily removing unwanted grime and grease. Fresh glass cleaner, cleans windows, mirrors, plastic, vinyl and most other hard surfaces. Abrasive free formula will not leave marks on your vehicle’s rubber surfaces and is completely dust free. Rapid evaporation of the product, even in damp conditions, leaves a completely clean surface making this the “must have” product for professional vehicle detailers and enthusiasts alike.

Directions for use: For larger areas; Apply a light covering over the surface and wipe immediately with a clean, lint-free cloth. For smaller areas spray directly onto the cloth and wipe over the area.

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