Tyre & Trim PRO | Tyre Sealant & Trim Restorer - 200ml

Tyre & Trim PRO - 200ml

Top Coat PRO | Nano Paint Sealant - 200ml

Top Coat PRO - 200ml

Fabric PRO | Hydrophobic Fabric Sealant - 200ml

Fabric PRO - 200ml

Tyre & Trim PRO - 200ml

Tyre Sealant & Trim Restorer
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Why Tyre & Trim PRO?

A tyre & trim dressing that is absorbed by the rubber and plastic compound to penetrate and bond at a molecular level. Unlike many tyre & trim dressings on the market that sit on the surface of the tyre and quickly get washed off. Tyre & Trim Pro is a phenomenon in tyre & trim dressing ( restorer ) technology which protects against harmful road conditions and UV rays while also providing a rich satin finish for upwards of 4 weeks even with regular washing from a single application.

Tyre & Trim Pro contains Silica-Derivative Nano-Particles and high performance waxes, which feed and nourish the rubber and plastic compound restoring health to your tired tyres & trim whilst also providing a super hydrophobic barrier.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a rich satin finish to tyres ( darkening effect )
  • Penetrates the rubber & plastic instead of sitting on the surface
  • Protects against dirt and UV rays
  • Provides upwards of 4 weeks protection from a single application even with regular washing
  • Amazing economy and endurance with very little product used
  • Super Hydrophobic properties

Car Care Advice

Tyre & Trim Dressings are the finishing touch to the look of your wheels/trim and can greatly enhance the final result. Ideally applied after all other processes have been completed, the car, wheels, tyres & trim should be clean and dry.

Direction For Use

  • Tyres & trim should be spotlessly clean and dry before application
  • Apply as little as 4-5 drops onto a small foam applicator in a thin and even manner
  • Work the product into the tyre & trim ensuring full coverage
  • Once applied leave to fully dry naturally before driving
  • Store above 5 degrees Celsius.

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